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ange-display.jpgI would like to introduce myself. My name is Angela Holloway, founder of Sweaties Wicking Pajamas and author of "Conquer Menopause".

Sweaties Wicking Pajamas and Sleepwear was created as a result from my experience with severe “night sweats” due to menopause. 

I would wake up around 2am every night. My body would be very hot and wet. My legs would be just sliding off each other. The sweat would run down my face onto my pillow. 

Every part of my body was just dripping wet! 

After my body temperature had cooled down I would end up being cold and wet which made me shiver and very uncomfortable. 

I would have to change my nightclothes and bed sheets two or three times a night. I would toss and turn trying to get comfortable, trying to get back to sleep but I never did. 

If you have experienced night sweats you know how awful the feeling is and the discomfort I felt. I just wanted the feeling to go away so I could go back to sleep. 

This would go on night after night. In the end I was so exhausted I could not cope with anything the following day. Everything seemed too irritate me. 

The worst thing about all of this, it was not only affecting me, it was also affecting my family and friends around me who I love most in life. I tried so hard to let it not affect me but it was a never-ending battle. 

After my terrible experience with night sweats and not finding anything that helped me, I decided to start looking into night sweats. 

I learned that not only women going through menopause suffer from night sweats.

Both men and women suffer night sweats caused by medical conditions, over weight, side effects of medications, and many other reasons.

After learning there are so many people suffering from night sweats, it encouraged me to do some research on special yarns and fabrics. 

My main focus was to create a wicking pajama material that would (a) quickly absorb the sweat away from the body, (b) keep your body temperature cooler, and (c) be light and soft as possible for comfort. All resulting in you getting a better night’s sleep.

After three years of extensive research. I am now proud to say we have created a fantastic microblend material with wicking ability, plus a range of beautiful sleepwear designs to help you with your night sweats. 

We are so confident that you will have a much better sleep wearing Sweaties Wicking Pajamas and Sleepwear. We offer a 60-day 100% money back guarantee, “Even after you have tried them!”

That’s because we know they work!